Today, we get the help of Internet to get any kind of information. During the receiving of any kind of information on the Internet, we do not know how many websites you open throughout the day. But, have you ever thought that there are many such websites on the internet that can cause huge damage to your computers, laptops or tabs. In such a situation, before you open any website, check that the website is correct or not. We are giving you some further information from which you can know about websites whether it is right to open them or not?

1. In today’s time, online shopping is running with zero-showers. However, if you are opting to open a website for online shopping, first of all, you should know about its security whether the website is secure or not. It is often seen that the shopping website asks you for your personal information before purchasing the same. But, if the information was given by you in the wrong hands, it can be misused. So first check whether the website is safe or not. The easiest way to do this is to first check the URL of the website. Which should start from https? If the URL of the Websites is given https, then it is safe. If not, then your information can be easily hacked.

2. Some weird or strange URLs are on the website. But, this strange URL might be a way to hack your system. To avoid this never open the weird looking URL. Also check the URL properly if you are unsafe for it. To avoid this, always note that the website you are opening is ending with .edu, net, com, if it is not, or if you type two letters instead of it, then it will know which country The site is there. At the same time, you have to keep an eye on the www given at the beginning of the URL as www is the name of the company and the correct website. On the other hand, if you have just written the name of the company in place of www, it can be a site of Hackers. Do not accidentally click on that site.

3. Some websites attract people through their content so that they click on those sites to hack them. But, whenever you see this, turn it off immediately. It may be that the website you click on hack your system.

4. If you accidentally open a site that contains malware software installs, then it conveys all your information to the person who installed it. Malware is widely used to hack anyone’s information. So you just click on the link or site that you believe in. Do not click on any unknown or unsure e-mail etc. The best way to do this is to use the best antivirus software in your Desktop or Laptop so that you can block Malware from the site.

5. Nowadays, many Websites for business purposes, to increase their numbers, such news or events are placed on social sites such as Facebook or Twitter etc. whose headings are interesting, but there is nothing like it that you can read or open Want to know. It is called clickable scam, and such click baits serve wrong information in addition to spoiling your time. Words like Exclusive, Shocking, and Sensational are used in the click bat scam. You often do not want to click once or even just because you want to read or learn something interesting. To avoid this type of click-based site, you can remove or ban them.

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